About us

page-about-usFor nearly each branch, including chemical, pharmaceutical, solid surface, pet food and human food industry,
Esico designs and supplies Process Belt Systems and logistic systems.

The strong belt between innovation and quality

Esico designs and supplies Belt Systems, process technique and logistic systems on our own account.



Problem settler                                                        

We offer a complete package, not only by acting as a reliable supplier but also as a professional who thinks along with you. A problem settler who knows what it’s about and what a customer needs.
We express this in the whole extension of our services.

Turnkey installations

By our many years of experience, our customers can be assured of a complete service making their investment efficient.
Esico not only does the design work, we carry out the production and service under own management, all in one hand!


Our team stands for a good service for your installations.


All our services are based upon our wide expertise and involvement aspects that are in practice often an all-important matter.

For granulation, cooling, drying, freezing, storage, transportation or production of sold surface, we have the knowhow.

Let Esico specialists advice you if you want to use one of these processes in your production. An innovative Esico solution can be the answer to your demands. 


Enabling Simplicity in Construction is our motto.

This means that we are looking for solutions for our customers which make production processes possible in an innovative and efficient way.
Where normally large investments are needed, Esico is looking for a way doing more with less.

Our many years of experience make our designs creative, ingenious and straight to the point, consequently being cost saving, easy to maintain, reliable, easy to operate and clean.