Conveyor belt

Conveyor belts are widely used in processing systems in many different industries. We specialize in the design and manufacture of stainless steel conveyer belts to be used in the processing of many materials, from food product to metals, plastic and wood. A stainless steel conveyor belt has some important advantages over conveyor belts made from other materials. Our stainless steel conveyor belts conform to the strictest hygienic standards, and the composition of the product is never compromised. There are no staples or joins, so the product never gets any marks or imprints during processing. Our stainless steel conveyor belt range includes cooling belts that are often used to chill and pack food product such as vegetables, fish and meat, or they can be used to cool other products such as resins, waxes or sulphur. We design conveyer belt systems that heat, steam cool bake or dry products, and we make conveyor belts that are designed to pastille or granulate products, usually used in the chemical industry. Our sheet casting conveyor belt system is for industries that need to produce a solid surface, and it has different temperature zones that are freely adjustable, so each zone can be set to the required temperature to produce a solid piece that can have a variety of thicknesses. The efficiency of our design allows for accuracy and product quality, and also allows for saving on the costs of raw materials and on finishing processes compared to traditional conveyor belt systems.

Our efficient, cost effective and reliable stainless steel conveyor belt systems are easy to use and maintain. Our years of experience in designing and making stainless steel conveyor belts has made us the go-to company for tailor-made processing systems. We work closely with our clients and combine our expertise with their knowledge of their products to create a processing system that works for them.