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Baking & Drying

Esico has proven its worth in developing and supplying Process Belt Systems for baking and frying (chicken) meat and fish products. For customers with high quality standards, Esico offers systems that produce products like they are “home made”.  High quality and product variety for a high demanding market are achieved by the possibility of varying all process parameters.


By supplying various belt types and qualities, Esico offers a versatile number of drying processes especially for high demanding products. By applying the innovative STIR-technology (Selective Transmitted Infra-Red) a wide range of possibilities for drying various products can be offered.


Designing and producing Baking Belt Systems and Drying Belt Systems is a specialism. Esico has developed his know-how during more than 25 years. Esico’s innovative designs have led to high capacity process systems with a high energy yield and a high product quality.

Guaranteed qualitycooking_steaming

For Frying and Drying Belt Systems, an extended knowledge of measuring and control engineering and of the food industry is a must. Esico guarantees an optimum product quality and a good traceability by innovative designs and using modern and accurate sensors. Also special demands concerning HACCP and systems positioned in “high risk areas” are being tackled by Esico in close consideration with the customer.


Esico supplies Frying and Drying Belt Systems with a modern and innovative design. We constantly improve our designs, construction and technology by carefully listening to our customers about their product.