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Cooking & Steaming

Machinery for steam cooking food product is Esico’s cradle. Esico’s designed Steam Cooking Belt Systems are the state of the art for producing wet pet food. Esico has created the technical prospects for cooking (chicken) meat and vegetables as the new trend in food marketing


Designing and producing Steam Cooking Belt Systems is a specialist’s job for a company with a lot of experience and know-how in the field of steam and heat regulation. Esico gathered and proven this experience during 25 years, worldwide and for a wide diversity of products. Esico’s innovative designs have led to high capacity process systems with a high energy yield and a high product quality.

Guaranteed quality

Steam applications demand extra knowledge in the field of measuring and control engineering and of preventing corrosion, aspects of which Esico can, as one of the few, offer the required quality. Through our many years of experience, we as no other know what it’s about in the food industry.  That’s why our systems are cost-cutting, easy to maintain, reliable, easy to operate and to clean.


Esico supplies Steam Cooking Belt Systems with a modern and innovative design. We constantly improve our designs, construction and technology by carefully listening to our customers about their product.  By combining the customer’s special knowledge and our innovating attitude, we can come to an optimal production process.