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Cooling & Freezing

For a very wide range of products, such as cooling and solidifying sulphur, resin, hot-melts, Esico designs and supplies Cooling Belt Systems. Also for various foodstuffs such as meat, fish, vegetables and potato products, Esico supplies Cooling and Freezing Belt Systems.


We offer a complete package, not only by acting as a reliable supplier but also as a professional who thinks along with you. A problem settler who knows what it’s about and what a customer needs. We express this in the whole extension of our services. Designing and producing Process Belt Systems is a specialist’s job for a company with a lot of experience and know-how in the field of cryogenics and heat regulation. Esico gathered and proven this experience during 25 years, worldwide and for a wide diversity of products.

Guaranteed quality

All Esico Cooling and Freezing Belt Systems have a particularly good exchange of energy, by which the energy released by cooling and solidifying is carried of efficiently. Product is cooled down using cold water or cold air being recycled. Product composition is unchanged because cross-contamination is not possible as product and cooling water cannot get in contact.


For putting the product onto the belt, Esico supplies multiple solutions such as an oscillating hose, an overflow device, forming strands or by pastillation. Developing custom-made special machinery is our expertise. By combining the customer’s special knowledge of his product and our innovating attitude, we can come to an optimal production process for you.