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Sheet casting

The daring and innovative design of Esico’s Continues Sheet Casting System enables you to produce solid surface in an efficient and accurate way. A versatile number of solid surface types with variable thickness and width can be produced. The system consists of multiple zones and each with its own temperature regulation, for heating and/or cooling


The new system has proven itself in practice. By combining Esico’s innovative qualities with the expertise of a customer and ADM-Isobloc, a unique and practical system is developed. Cooperation with ADM offers technical as well as technological all necessary knowledge to be able to provide our customers with optimum solutions for their production process.

Guaranteed quality

The system exels because all process parameters, such as thickness, width and process temperatures are free adjustable. Using a very clever principle, sheet thickness can be determined within narrow tolerances.  The system has multiple zones that can be temperature set each, for heating as well as cooling. This way the whole process is controlled accurately with fast reaction time and a guaranteed product quality.  Compared to traditional systems a substantial cost-saving on raw materials and various finishing processes can be achieved.sheetcasting


Esico supplies Solid Surface Belt Systems with a modern and innovative design. We are constantly working on improvement of our designs, construction and technology by carefully listening to our customers about their product. By combining the customer’s special knowledge and our innovating attitude, we can come to an optimal production process.

Engineered Stone

Esico is working on further development of the system to make it suitable for engineered stone production needing far less investment compared to existing systems.