For nearly each branch, including chemical, pharmaceutical, solid surface, pet food and human food industry, Esico designs and supplies Process Belt Systems and logistic systems

Problem settler

We offer a complete package, not only by acting as a reliable supplier but also as a professional who thinks along with you. A problem settler who knows what it’s about and what a customer needs. We express this in the whole extension of our services.


All our services are based upon our wide expertise and involvement aspects that are in practice often an all-important matter.


Simplicity of the Construction is a virtue (Eenvoud siert de construction in Dutch) is our motto. We are looking for solutions for our customers which make production processes possible in an innovative and efficient way. Where normally large investments are needed, Esico is looking for a way doing more with less. Emphasizing creative, ingenious and straight to the point designs, consequently being cost saving, easy to maintain, reliable, easy to operate and to clean.

We offer complete systems but also develop custom engineered solutions for already existent installations. To the point and with a problem solving approach.

Our products

  • Esiform© Pastillator
    Our own pastillator system for producing pastilles
  • Cooling belt systems
    Cooling belt system for various products using an infinite stainless steel belt including, a completely mechanical, belt steering and tensioning system.
  • Sheet casting systems 
    Both double and single belt sheet casting systems can be supplied depending on product specific requirements and/or client specifications.
  • Process belt systems
    Processes such as drying, cooking, sawing, cutting can be custom engineered and developed to costumer needs.
  • Production automation and logistics
    Esico can be an excellent partner to deliver fully automated production lines. Up to and including final product handling and packaging.