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Cooling belt systems

For a very wide range of products, such as cooling and solidifying sulphur, resin, hot-melts, Esico designs and supplies Cooling Belt Systems.
The Cooling Belt systems are initially designed to be suitable for various foodstuffs such as meat, fish, vegetables and potato products but find their use in any process industry. Resulting from this design strategy, Esico process belts are easy to clean and maintain.



Designing and producing Process Belt systems is a job for specialists with a lot of experience with thermal processes. Esico had built up this worldwide experience over 25 years, for the most diverse products. This way Esico develops complete systems for cooling and hardening sulfur, waxes, resins, hot-melts etc.

We offer a complete package, not only by acting as a reliable supplier but also as a professional who thinks along with you. A problem settler who knows what it’s about and what a customer needs. We express this in the whole extension of our services.


Guaranteed quality

All Esico Cooling and Freezing Belt Systems have a particularly good exchange of energy, by which the energy released by cooling and solidifying is carried of efficiently.
Product is cooled down using cold water or cold air being recycled. Product composition is unchanged because cross-contamination is not possible as product and cooling water cannot get in contact.


Esico supplies a variety of solutions for the product infeed, such as an oscillating hose, an overflow device, forming strands or by pastillating.

Developing custom-made special machinery is our expertise. By combining the customer’s special knowledge of his product and our innovating attitude, we can come to an optimal production process for you.

Esico Stainless Steel Belts meet extraordinary demands regarding flatness temperature and corrosion resistance.

Hygiene                                The surface of the Stainless steel belt is flat and has no hinges.

No deformation                The stainless steel belt leaves no marks and doesn’t damage the product.

Unchanged                          Composition and product order on the belt is not changed.

Viscose Substances          Can be handled on the closed Stainless steel surface.

Heat resistance                  The belt can run in temperatures up to 350 °C

Esico belt systems are produced in all Stainless Steel and comply with strict International standards for safety and hygiene.

Esico has developed a complete system for cooling and hardening sulfur, waxes, resins, hot-melts etc. using indirect cooling.

The Esico Cooling Process Belt Systems have an extremely well heat transfer, whereby the heat escaping during cooling and hardening is being evacuated optimally.
The returning cooling water is collected in an integrated stainless steel reservoir and can be re-circulated using the Esico pumping system.

The Process Belt System is kept on the ideal process temperature by means of a well thought-out cooling system

Extra cooling zones can be adapted to enable a controllable cooling process.

Thanks to the sophisticated construction of the total installation highly qualified chemical or pharmaceutical products can be produced economically and with consistent high-quality and capacity.

Esico belt systems have a framework out of stainless steel and a drive- and idler roller of coated mild steel with stainless steel mantel.

  • Drive station

Drum with shaft mounted SEW hollow shaft helical geared motor (suited for frequency inverter).
The drum SKF block bearings are easy to maintain.

  • Idler (tensioning) station

The drum SKF bearings are easy to maintain and the bearings of the idler-drum are mounted in a linear guided bracket.

  • Belt support

The upper belt part is supported by plastic PE rollers and side rails. The bottom part is supported by PE rollers.
For maintenance the stainless steel shaft, including the rollers, can be exchanged without the need of alignment afterwards.

  • Framework

Rigid Stainless steel hollow profile frame with adjustable feet.

  • Cooling water system

The stainless steel belt bottom side is sprayed with cold water to ensure an evenly efficient cooling effect. Cooling water is running down into the build-inn stainless steel reservoir. A separate reservoir is not needed. Two V-ropes on both sides of the belt create a labyrinth to preventing water from emerging.

Water contact with the product is prevented by the special Esico design, so product contamination is prevented. The Esico spraying system is from both sides fitted with polycarbonate hatches and is very well accessible.

Water tubing is easily disassembled and cleaned by opening couplings.

Upgrade: stainless steel piping.

Because of the Esico design, the system is hygienic, easy to clean and maintain. Spots where dirt could be collected are avoided.
To guarantee an even and optimal cooling effect; water is sprayed in an angle against the belt bottom side using high impact flat yet nozzles.