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Esiform© Pastillator

The Esiform Pastillator is a granulation system for the manufacture and production of pastilles. High quality pastilles can be produced using the Esiform pastillator in a (continuous) conveyor belt production line. Esico can offer complete conveyor belt production line(s) and can offer complete all-in-one solutions.

The Esiform pastillator has been engineered and designed to manufacture high quality pastilles with a system which is easy to maintain and clean.

Our construction philosophy and our virtues (ESICO: Enabling Simplicity in Construction) are demonstrated in the Esiform pastillator, and we would be honoured to invite potential customers to reference projects.



The Pastilator process
The pastillator drops melted product on a stainless steel belt using a product divider labyrinth which is heated by a medium (steam or heated oil). This medium will never be in contact with the product and the construction is well suited for the food industry.











Key features:

  • The Esiform can be rotated 180 degrees from the cooling belt to provide simplified maintenance.
  • The product outfeed can be rotated and set per product to provide optimal capacity and quality of pastilles.
  • All parts can easily be dismantled and replaced. We also provide solid after sales service for replacement parts.
  • Esico uses a special bearing construction to protect moving parts from product contamination.
  • The pastillator is equipped with safety provisions (safety hood with sensors) and can be equipped with additional features.
  • Both low viscous and high viscous products, with a melt temperature up to 300 °C, can be Pastillated with the Esiform pastillator. Different hole sizes and product labyrinths can be used to divide the pastilles equally over the belt width. This is based on the specific product characteristics.

Download the Esiform Pastillator brochure