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Sheet casting systems

Over the last years Esico has proven to be able to realize innovative designs, offering solutions for customer problems that were not available at the market. Enabling simplicity in construction is our motto (Eenvoud siert de construction in Dutch). We are looking for new nonconventional solutions for our customers that make production processes possible in an innovative and efficient way. Where normally large investments are needed, Esico is looking for a way doing more with less. Emphasizing creative, ingenious and straight to the point designs, consequently being cost saving, easy to maintain, reliable, easy to operate and to clean.



Whether it is about cooking food stuff by steam, producing solid surface or to cool yeast extracts, Esico has proven by inventiveness and plain logic to be able to develop exact that system the customer had in mind.

Guaranteed quality

The way of thinking of Esico is that mechanical and technological quality of the system must be guaranteed, as well as the quality of the finished product.


Before starting a new development, an aha-experience must be there. We must have the feeling that what’s asked for, can be done! Therefore we need expertise from people who know what they’re talking about and who know the product through and through. Developing something new, we want people who really want to be involved in this development. Out of teamwork with customer, supplier and Esico, something beautiful can be created. Challenge us; we are looking for a partner for developing a new Double Press Belt system.