Steel Belt

A steel belt is something that is used for a wide range of manufacturing and production purposes in many different industries. We manufacture and supply a variety of premium quality steel belts that can be used in the processing systems of the food, non-food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. We have a range of cooling belts that can be used in food preparation or packing of products such as meat, fish and vegetables, and we provide steel belt processing that can steam cook products such as pet food, or bake and dry meat and other food products on the production line. For the chemical industry, we also have a granulation steel belt system that can be used to produce pastilles and granules of both high and low viscous products. For businesses that need to produce a solid surface, we offer a sheet casting system that has adjustable processing temperatures. The heating and cooling zones can be set to whatever temperature they need to be, allowing an accurate and efficient performance when producing solid surfaces with a variety of thicknesses. We also offer bespoke design belt systems that can be tailor made to meet the needs of clients, solving problems by taking their business requirements into account and creating a production system that works.

The steel belt systems we design have come from many years of experience in the industry. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and this shows in the quality of our production systems. All of our steel belt products and systems are reliable and they are easy to clean and maintain. We offer solutions to clients’ production needs by providing quality steel belt systems that are simple to operate and are very efficient in how they use energy, helping our clients to save on production costs.